Sleep your way through the H1N1 virus.

The CDC recommends sleep in order for your body to keep a healthy immune system.  Of course in our hurried lives it’s hard to get enough sleep.  So what can you do?

In one study people were given the “rhinovirus”, A.K.A., the common cold. The results show a clear link to the health of one’s immune system to the quality of sleep.  This is now far from the first study to show such a link.

The participants who had less than seven hours of sleep per night got the cold 3x more often!

In our busy lives not everyone can get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep per night.  Does that mean you’re doomed to get the bug?

As important as the number of hours of sleep is the quality of sleep.  The two most important factors in a restful sleep is support and softness/firmness.  Firmness does not mean more support.  A mattress that has good support is good for your bones and skeleton because it lifts and holds your body correctly.  Comfort on the other hand is good for your blood circulation.  A quality mattress offers both, and both contribute to better sleep for you.

Other practices to ward of any flu bug is frequent and thorough hand washing, using hand sanitizers, coughing into your elbow, maintaining 6 feet between you and a sick person (staying home if you are sick), not touching your nose, eyes or mouth, and of course, getting the flu shot.

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