Drive-thru spead bumps

Have you ever placed a fast-food order in an empty drive-thru lane, and then be asked to pull up to the front where they will walk the food out to you?  Doesn’t make much sense does it.  If the drive-thru lane is empty, why do they ask you to pull up to the front of the restaurant when no one is behind you.  This is totally bizarre!

Well, a clue to these bizarre requests can be found in the form of a time-clock mounted near the drive-thru window.  This time-clock is the score-keeper for corporate head office.  It tracks how long every car sits in the drive-thru lane after the food order is taken.  The shorter the time, the faster the food service… or is it??!!

By asking you to pull up to the front of the restaurant, what they are doing is trying to trick that score-keeping time-clock into thinking faster service is being provided than is actually happening.  The problem is that ALL the fast food restaurants are onto this trick… and they ALL do it!  So what is the sense of having these time-keeping clocks if everyone is cheating them?  Surely the brass in corporate fast-food head offices have caught on to this time-cheating trick.  Or have they? (I hate to think they could possibly be that out of touch).

So for all the brass in those fast-food ivory towers…  if you’re reading this, please take a tip and get those utterly useless pain-in-the-caboose time-clocks out of the fast food windows!!

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