Colour and the Human Response

Colour certainly brightens our daily lives.  Not only that, but as humans colour has the power to create a very emotional and influential response.  That response helps shape our past, present and future.  That influence  not only effects how we respond to the world around us, but also how the world responds to us.  Colour introduces our personality to our guests, friends and family alike.

The knowledge of the past, influence of the present, and our personal preferences, all blend together to create a colour palette that’s unique to you, surrounding you with emotional responses that give you a positive reaction to your environment. With our day to day lifestyles becoming increasingly busy I have found people turning toward simpler styles, furniture lines and colour choices. We desire to be individuals without compromising our lifestyles. Many of us live in a have-it-all ideology and are not willing to give up our multi-tasking dream, making it a challenge to be simple.

By simple, I mean the way we have high-style and appeal without the overwhelming maintenance factor. Our love for colour is a part of a deeper desire to get back to the basics.  Many of us are re-evaluating our lives in order to simplify our ever-changing complex lives. We are now seeing the need to simplify our lives without losing our individualism, using simplified ways to reach the end goal — And still have a great space!

Sometimes simplifying our surroundings means enduring a modification to our living environment or paring down on the amount of items in our space. This allows for space to come to the forefront. With space, there is more emphasizes on wall colour. Colour can be used as the back drop, or colour can be the fore-runner for the entire space. Paring down on items for a space often invokes memories and emotions.  Of course we need to be realistic about our belongings and treasures. To some this may mean looking back to a hand-crafted treasure. While others are savouring the simple yet vibrate joys of the natural world around them.

Whatever simplicity means to you embrace change and your individualism!

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