3 Local Strathroy Business Heroes

There must be something in the air of this nation’s turkey capital because everywhere I turn examples of local heroes abound.
3 Strathroy Superheros

Although the list is very long, here are just 3 recent local heros for me:

  • Last summer my car got a flat tire while parked in front of my home.  For several months, it had been a slow leak, but I had always managed to get to an air pump every few days before the tire got too low.  Well not this particular day.  And of course it had to be a day I had to be somewhere else important.  Fortunately the good folks at Strathroy Tire were sympathetic to my plight.  They could have let me monkey around with removing the tire, and finding a way to get it to their tire shop for repair.  Instead they dispatched a truck out with compressed air that filled the tire enough that I could drive the car to their tire shop.  Now that was going the extra mile, both literally and figuratively!  The tire was serviced immediately and I was off to my important meeting.  Now these folks didn’t know who I was when I called, so to dispatch a truck and provide such exceptional service to an unknown customer certainly deserves a lot of kudos.  Thank you Strathroy Tire!
  • Some time before that my pick-up truck was misbehaving.  I would step on the gas, hear the engine rev up, but not get any acceleration.  I took the pick-up to McDonnell Motors for service.  Based on my limited knowledge, and wanting to sound like a man with good car knowledge, I told the garage the symptoms, and then gave them my diagnosis… I thought the transmission was slipping.  When I left the garage I felt very foolish for suggesting that the problem was related to the transmission, a repair that surely would have cost an arm and a leg.  However on my return to pick up the vehicle, I was blessed with great news… that the problem was a few bad spark plugs and about $50 or so in charges.  You can’t believe my relief that this garage, that I was new to at the time, didn’t take advantage of my ignorance or suggestion that the problem was the transmission.  Thank you McDonnell Motors for having the integrity to repair only what was truly needed.
  • My last example (but certainly not last nor least) of a local business here was the local Mac’s convenience store.  This past summer after making a purchase, I turned to head out the door.  The clerk saw that I had dropped some bills on the floor, and called my attention to it.  What a temptation it must be to see cash on the floor behind a customer walking out an empty store.  Whoever you are Macs convenience person…. Thank you for your honesty and integrity.

There are many more examples of kindness and help received from local Strathroy businesses and residents.  I am certainly luck to be part of this community.  To receive such exceptional service from Strathroy businesses makes me very proud every time I have the privilege of spending my hard-earned dollars in town where they can support local businesses like this.

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A family-owned furniture in the "small town" of Strathroy, Ontario that fiercely believes in the "old fashioned" values that an independent brings to the social fabric of the surrounding community.
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