2nd Annual Operation Red Campaign

Operation Red

There is a revolution going on in Strathroy!  2009 marks the second year of the Operation Red campaign.
It started when the recession hit in 2008.  While other businesses conceded to the effects of the economic store, businesses in Strathroy took a different direction.  They knew something a lot of people seemed to have forgotten… The BEST businesses and stores around are RIGHT HERE in Strathroy-Caradoc!

Not only can the best kept treasures can be found when we just do a little digging right in our own back yards, but the benefits of shopping local come back to us several-fold.  When you spend a dollar at a local business it can circulate up to ten times — spend it out of town and it disappears forever.

Not only that but local businesses support and give to numerous local causes and public services, which we all benefit from and enjoy!

  • VISIT OperationRed.ca today for:
    • To learn about local businesses in Strathroy & how they benefit you!
    • Find valuable offers to save you money!

About Johan

A family-owned furniture in the "small town" of Strathroy, Ontario that fiercely believes in the "old fashioned" values that an independent brings to the social fabric of the surrounding community.
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